Second day of OPC reveals successful candidates to go through to second round.

October 2nd, 2012

The second day of the Open Piano Competition run smoothly as the remaining competitors diligently arrived in Steinway Hall in Marylebone for their allocated performance time in front of the panel of judges. Some were clearly nervous and kept to themselves whilst others oozed confidence from arrival through to the end of their performance. 

This first stage of the competition has inevitably brought a variety of levels of performances in front of the jury who today had the unenviable task of deliberating who should be allowed through to the second round of the Open Piano Competition. 

"The decision was not easy but in each category a distinct group of stronger and better prepared performers emerged so that the final decision was taken with unanimous agreement. Clearly some cases took a longer discussion than others but we feel confident that the end decision was a fair one" stated OPC Artistic Directors Coady Green, Tamara Lorenzo Gabeiras and Marianna Prjevalskya.

The jury delivered a list of succesful candidates to the Directors who proceeded to contact each competitor individually via phone, email and text to deliver good and bad news. 

Here are the candidates going through to the next round:

Category 2 (of 10 candidates)

- Justin Kennedy
- Domini Piers Smith
- Craig Rippe
- Graham Rix
- Esfir Ross

Category 1 (of 20 candidates)

- Benjamin Carre'
- Valentin Bogolubov
- Antoine Joubert
- Adam Kosmeja
- Viviana Lararacina
- Ngoc Vu
- Fabio Sormani
- Beatrice Stelzmueller
- Vivian Fan
- Carolin Danner

"We are very grateful to Steinway Hall for hosting a very succesful first round of the Open Piano Competition" commented OPC Director Marco Nannini "all the competitors, regardless of their musical background and level, have clearly appreciated the quality of the pianos of Steinway & Sons. Above all, however, we want to thank the competitors who braved the autumnal London weather and associated public transport disruptions to perform yesteday and today, taking part to any competition is a sign of dedication and committment and we hope it will motivate both successful and unsuccessful candidates to continue pursuing passion in the years to come".