The Open Piano Competition (OPC) is now just under a year away!

Dear all,

The Open Piano Competition (OPC) is now just under a year away, which does seems like a long time, but the work to be done to ensure a successful event has already started earlier in the summer with the launch of our website, which not only outlines the competition entry terms but also serves as the focal point from which all prospective competitors will be informed of the competition’s developments.

We are currently concentrating on building the team that will see this competition grow from a concept and idea, into the high standards we envisage the competition to achieve. The ambition is great, the task daunting, but the spirits are high. We have opened applications for several roles we would like to be filled as soon as possible: we require an Artistic Director; a Venue Coordinator; and additional members of the judging panel as well as several other collaborators to come on-board to help the first edition of this competition to flourish. Volunteers in the area of marketing and promotion, graphic design and social media are all welcomed to help promote the event through all relevant channels. For more details on how you can be part of the OPC please visit

Not forgetting the critics, we have been keen to read and listen to all of the initial feedback received upon the launch of the OPC in early September. We did not expect such attentive consideration to our new format of competition so early on, so we would like to thank the many emails and comments in internet fora that have given us both positive encouragement as well as providing us with the necessary criticism to ensure the event will live up to everyone’s expectations. This includes taking into account the precious comments received so far on our repertoire: we are conducting a necessary review of some of the repertoire that has raised concerns and we would like to point out that our preliminary lists of repertoire are still subject to change.

Last, but not least, we would like to announce that we will be offering a discounted entry fee (details yet to be announced) to competitors wishing to enter the competition well in advance, as we already have many prospective competitors expressing interest in the competition more than six months ahead of our entry deadline. This further reinforces the belief we and others have, that there is definite space and demand for a piano competition of this type in London.