OPC first and second round venue confirmed

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The Educatorio della Provvidenza, refurbished in 2001 and situated in the heart of Turin in the elegant pedestrian quarter of Crocetta, has always been an advocate for the social and cultural life of the City. Founded in 1722, the Educatorio is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Turin, characterised since its construction by the innovational spirit of its initiatives and its capacity for acting as a reference point for the citizens of Turin.

Musical activities are the most frequently hosted events at the Educatorio. The prestigious "Aurore Musicali" run every year here; a series of classical music lessons and concerts. This particular initiative was launched in 2002 with the goal of stimulating interest in, and promoting knowledge of, classical music, and providing young and talented classical musicians an environment in which to perform.

The Educatorio comprises a wealth of beautifully appointed rooms, adept for conferences, theatre productions, jazz and classical music events. Its neoclassical style "Orpheus Auditorium", holding up to 150 seats, has been chosen for the Open Piano Competition's first round and semi-final rounds in October. OPC competitors will perform in excellent accoustics on the Auditorium's beautiful Steinway & Sons grand piano.

Competitors will be able to warm up and rehearse throughout the week on the Educatorio's baby grand and upright piano, located in the "Sala Biblioteca" and the "Sala Arancia", respectively (costs for hiring these rooms are per hour and competitors will be asked to contact the OPC directors regarding bookings).

The comprehensive nature of the Educatorio will enable competitors to practice and perform in the same location during the initial rounds of the competition, and its "chiosco bar", open from 8am until 6pm will hopefully become a spot in which competitors can socialise and to get to know each other better as the competition progresses.

Click on this link to be taken to the website of the Educatorio della Provvidenza. Click here to view a map showing its exact location.