OPC 2013 Finalists

Photo: Iuliia Tarasevich, OPC 2013 finalist





The OPC 2013 finalists are:

Slav Lechowski

Abel Sanchez-Aguilera

Mariia Narodytska

Iuliia Tarasevich

Vincent Letourmy

Alessandro Mercando

Sara Costa 

Please click HERE to read their biographies and find out what they will play in the final round. 

The directors of the competition are pleased to announce that they are awarding Marco di Marzio, a clinical pharmacist based in Dublin, Ireland, with the Spirit of the Open Piano Competition prize. This prize is awarded by the directors to the competitor who in their opinion best represents the ethos and spirit of the competition. Marco will give a short performance after the finalists.

The final will take place at the Educatorio della Provvidenza on Corso Trento 13. The main doors to the Auditorium will open at 1415 and the first performance will begin at 1430. Each finalist will play a programme of their own choice, lasting approximately 35 minutes. There will be a short break after the second performance and an interval with refreshments after the fourth performance. Entry to the hall is forbidden whilst the finalists are playing, but is allowed between performances and during applause. The evening will close with a prize giving ceremony around 1945/2000.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!