Message from the Directors


Welcome to the Open Piano Competition

London, 1st to 6th October, 2012.

The Open Piano Competition provides pianists of varying levels of ability (not solely professional nor solely amateur) an opportunity to meet like-minded pianists, compete against others within their category of ability and, finally, showcase their talents in front of a live audience. In this live final round, all levels will be judged against each other with selected pianists being awarded a range of monetary and special prizes. Concert pianists, music or performance graduates, promising amateurs and late beginners are all encouraged to apply.

Applicants' audio recordings will be listened to by the jury who will, based on the pianistic ability displayed in the recording and the information provided in the Application Questionnaire, allocate them to one of three categories. Applicants will then choose their repertoire from these categories for subsequent rounds. Judges will at all times take into consideration the Applicants' Application Questionnaire and Applicants' relative level of skill.

The Open Piano Competition is a goal towards which pianists can aim. You may want to practice your performance skills in a concert environment, improve your examination repertoire or perhaps just show-off your hidden talent to friends, family and colleagues.

Applications for the Open Piano Competition, London, 2012, are now open. Click here to apply.